3rd Upgrade Injection Molding Machine
Product introduction :
The new third-generation upgraded model is positioned in the high-end application field, innovates the whole machine structure, oil circuit design and electric control technology in many aspects, improves the injection pressure and speed, and combines the mature industrial supporting facilities in Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other regions to create the maximum use value for customers!

The brand new third generation upgraded version of the model. Targeted at high-end applications, this model type is an outcome of multifaceted innovation, including machine structure, oil circuit design, electronic control technology, and so on. It has improved the injection pressure and speed. Combined with Europe, Japan, Taiwan and mature industrial supports from other areas, this model can create the greatest use value for customers!

The company reserves the right to modify the technical parameters without notice.

Servo power is a variable value, the power data will be different under different working conditions, please refer to the machine speed parameters and the actual overload performance when comparing.

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