Looking forward to your joining! 

Youzu Machinery is committed to creating infinite values for the public and becoming the most respected plastic machinery manufacturer.
Sustainable development, co-creation and sharing are our cooperative concepts.

The modes to join us:
1.Foreign dealer.
2.Provincial and municipal dealer in domestic China.
3.Industry distributor.
4.Direct-sale store.

Qualification requirements to join us:
Recognize corporate philosophy of Youzu.
Business entity who has lawful business license or natural person who can independently assume civil liability ability
Have experience related to plastic machinery industry in the region or in concerned fields.
Have sites and team for business operation, and have a certain operationability and financial support.

Procedures to join us:
1.Inquire us on the phone and confirm the area where you want to join us.
2.Express your intentions to join us and fill in the Application Sheet of Dealer and send documents to the marketing department of Youzu.
3.After qualification inspections by the marketing department, we will start business negotiationand investigation of dealership.
4.Comprehensive evaluationsby Youzu.
5.Sign distribution agreement and the dealer can start operation.

Policy support:
1.Overall sales, service and technical training.
2.Market promotions including advertisement input and exhibitions.
3.Diverse and flexible cooperation modes.
4.Customer development support.

You are welcome to ask for documents including product catalogs, distribution policies and application sheet of dealer or leave messages on our website. Thank you for your support!